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200 Atalhos do Mac OS X Leopard

Neste tutorial iremos relacionar 206 shortcuts ( atalhos ) do Mac OS 10.5 Leopard para você,

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1Cmd-CCopy files
2Cmd-VPaste files
3Option-DragCopy files to new location
4Cmd-DragMove and auto-align icons
6Cmd-Option-DragMake alias
7Cmd-Shift-DeleteEmpty trash
8Cmd-Shift-Option-DeleteEmpty trash without warning
9TabSelect next field
10Shift-TabSelect previous field
11ReturnPerform default action
12EscapeClose dialog box
13Page UpScroll up list
14Up ArrowSelect item above
15Page DownScroll down list
16Down ArrowSelect item below
17Cmd-Shift-GOpen ‘Go to Folder’ dialog
18Cmd-Period[.]Close dialog box

Exposé, Space, Dashboard
and the System

19F8Toggle Space
20Shift-F8Toggle Space in slow motion
21F9Show all open windows
22Shift-F9Show all open windows in slow motion
23F10Show all open windows for an application
24Shift-F10Show all open windows for an application in slow motion
25F11Hide all windows
26Shift-F11Hide all windows in slow motion
27F12Open/close Dashboard
28Shift-F12Slowly open/close Dashboard
29Option-Mouse HoverReveal the close button of widget
30Shift-Click Close ButtonAnimate closing widget in slow motion
31Cmd-HHide application
32Cmd-Option-HHide other applications
33Cmd-QQuit application
34Cmd-Shift-QQuit all applications and log out
35Cmd-Option-Shift-QLog out without warning
36Cmd-TabSwitch to next application
37Cmd-Shift-TabSwitch to previous application
38Option-DragAdjust volume (on sound volume slider)
39Cmd-DragArrange menu bar items
40Option-ClickSwitch window and hide current window
41Control-ClickOpen contextual menu
42Cmd-Control-DSee word definition (with mouse hover)

Issue: Freeze

43Cmd-Period[.]Stop process
44Cmd-Option-EscapeOpen Force Quit
45Power KeyTurn off
46Cmd-Option-Shift-Power KeyForce shut down
47Cmd-Control-Power KeyForce restart

Full Keyboard Access

48Control-F1Turn on/off full keyboard access
49Control-F2Focusing menu bar
50Control-F3Focusing Dock
51Control-F4Move to next window
52Control-F5Move to toolbar
53Control-F6Move to a floating window
54Control-F7Toggle keyboard access mode
55Control-F8Focusing status menu in menu bar
56Cmd-Accent[`]Switch to next window within application
57Cmd-Shift-Accent[`]Switch to previous window within application
58Cmd-Option-Accent[`]Move to sidebar
59Cmd-Option-TToggle on/off character palette


60Cmd-Click on TitleSee the path enclosing folders
61Cmd-Double-Click (on folder)Open folder in new window
62Option-Double-Click (on folder)Open folder in new window and close current window
63Cmd-1Switch to icon view
64Cmd-2Switch to list view
65Cmd-Option-Right ArrowExpand folder
66Left ArrowClose folder
67Cmd-Down ArrowOpen selected folder
68Cmd-Option-Down ArrowOpen selected folder in new window and close current folder
69Cmd-Shift-Option-Down ArrowOpen selected folder in new window and close current folder in slow motion
70Cmd-Up ArrowShow enclosing folder
71Cmd-Option-Up ArrowShow enclosing folder and close current folder
72Cmd-3Switch to column view
73Cmd-4Switch to coverflow view
74Cmd-YToggle Quick Look mode
75Cmd-Option-YToggle Slideshow mode
76Cmd-Shift-HOpen home folder
77Cmd-Option-Shift-Up ArrowMove focus to Desktop
78Cmd-Shift-IOpen iDisk
79Cmd-Shift-DOpen Desktop
80Cmd-Shift-COpen Computer area
81Cmd-Shift-KOpen Network
82Cmd-Shift-AOpen Applications
83Double-Click on TitleMinimize window
84Cmd-MMinimize window
85Option-Click on buttonApply action to all windows in active application
86Hold-Scroll BarScroll quickly

Search: Spotlight

87Cmd-SpacebarActivate/deactivate Spotlight
88Cmd-Option-SpacebarOpen Spotlight window
89Cmd-ReturnOpen the top hit
90Cmd-Down ArrowMove to next category
91Cmd-Up ArrowMove to previous category
92Cmd-ClickOpen selected item in Finder
93EscapeClose Spotlight

Utility: Print Screen

94Cmd-Shift-3Take snapshot of the whole screen
95Cmd-Shift-4Take snapshot of the selected area
96Cmd-Shift-4-SpacebarTake picture of a window
98Hold Spacebar after Drawing the regionMove the selected area
99Hold OptionResize selected area
100Hold ShiftResize selected area horizontally or vertically

Application: Dock

101Drag the separatorResize Dock
102Option-DragResize Dock to fixed size
103Control-ClickShow Dock’s contextual menu
104Control-Click on iconShow item’s contextual menu
105Cmd-ClickOpen the icon’s enclosing folder
106Option-ClickSwitch to another and hide current application
107Cmd-Option-ClickSwitch to another application and hide all other applications
108Cmd-Option-DropForce application to open files
109Cmd-Option-DHide/unhide Dock

Preference: Universal Access

110Cmd-Option-8Turn zoom on/off
111Cmd-Option-Equal[=]Zoom in
112Control-Scroll UpZoom in
113Cmd-Option-Hyphen[-]Zoom out
114Control-Scroll DownZoom out
115Cmd-Option-Control-8Invert color (try this on those iMacs in Apple Store)
116Control-Option-Cmd-Comma[,]Reduce contrast
117Control-Option-Cmd-Period[.]Increase contrast
118Cmd-F5Toggle VoiceOver
119Shift-Shift-Shift-Shift-Shift (5 times)Toggle Sticky Keys
120Option-Option-Option-Option-Option (5 times)Toggle mouse keys

Boot: Start Up

These shortcuts only available during start up.

121ShiftPrevent automatic login
122ShiftEnter safe mode (hold down after startup tone and release after you see the progress indicator)
123ShiftPrevent opening Login Items (after login)
124CBoot from CD
125NBoot from default NetBook disk
126TStart up in Target Disk Mode
127OptionSelect startup disk
128Cmd-XStart up using Mac OS X
129Hold Mouse ButtonEject removable discs
130Cmd-Option-P-RReset parameter RAM
131Cmd-VVerbose mode (detailed status message)
132Cmd-SSingle user mode

Browser: Safari

133Cmd-Option-FMove to Google Search Box
134Option-Up ArrowScroll Up
135Option-Down ArrowScroll Down
136Cmd-Click LinkOpen in new tab and stay in current tab
137Cmd-Shift-Click LinkOpen and go to new tab
138Cmd-Option-Click LinkOpen in new window
139Option-Click Close ButtonClose other tabs
140Cmd-Shift-]Select next tab
141Cmd-Shift-[Select previous tab
142Cmd-Shift-HGo to homepage
143Cmd-Shift-KToggle Block Pop-up Windows
144Cmd-Option-EEmpty Cache
145Cmd-Option-RReload page without Caching
146Cmd-FSearch term in webpage
147Cmd-MMinimize Safari
148Shift-Click ButtonAnimate slow motion effect
149Cmd-Plus[+]Increase font size
150Cmd-Hyphen[-]Reduce font size
151Cmd-0Original font size

Music: iTunes

153Option-Right ArrowSelect next album
154Option-Left ArrowSelect previous album
155Cmd-Right ArrowPlay next song
156Cmd-Left ArrowPlay previous song
157Option-Click on Shuffle ButtonReshuffle
158Cmd-Option-Down ArrowMute
159Cmd-EEject CD
160Cmd-TTurn on/off visualizer
161Cmd-FTurn on/off full screen mode
162Cmd-1View iTunes window
163Cmd-2View equalizer mode


164Double-ClickSelect word
165Triple-ClickSelect line
166Drag item to TerminalAdd the complete path to that item
167Cmd-NCreate new shell window
168Cmd-Shift-NEnter new command
169Cmd-Shift-KConnect to a server
170Cmd-Option-SSave text
171Cmd-Option-Shift-SSave selected text
172Cmd-IShow terminal inspector
173Cmd-TCreate new tab

Mail: Hello from Cupertino

175Cmd-NNew message
176Cmd-Shift-NGet new mail
177Cmd-Option-NOpen new viewer window
178Cmd-0Open activity window
179Cmd-Shift-YAdd senders to address book
180Cmd-EUse selected text to find
181Cmd-C while selecting messageCopy entire text of a message
182Cmd-Click on upper-right corner toolbar buttonSwitch different toolbar display
183Cmd-Single Quote[‘]Increase quote level
184Cmd-Option-Single Quote[‘]Decrease quote level
185Cmd-Shift-ERedirect message
186Cmd-Shift-FForward message
187Hold Option when deleting messagePrevent next message from being automatically marked as read
188Cmd-Shift-RReply to all
189Cmd-Shift-BBounce to sender
190Cmd-Shift-TConvert message to rich text or plain text
191Cmd-Left Brace[{]Align left
192Cmd-Vertical Bar[|]Align center
193Cmd-Right Brace[}]Align right
194Cmd-Colon[:]Check spelling
195Cmd-Semicolon[;]Flag misspelling of selected word

Front Row

196Cmd-EscOpen/close Front Row or return to previous menu
197Spacebar, ReturnSelect item in a menu
198Up Arrow, Down ArrowChange volume
199Right Arrow, Left ArrowGo to next or previous selection

Address Book

200Cmd-1View card and columns
201Cmd-2View only card
202Cmd-3View directories
203Cmd-Right Bracket[‘]’]Next card
204Cmd-Left Bracker[‘[‘]Previous card
205Cmd-Vertical Line[|]Merge selected cards
206Cmd-Backslash[\]Set as company card